Brexit: YouGov poll finds that even Tory voters want to make a deal with EU

EVEN Conservative voters want a trade deal over a No-Deal Brexit, new findings show.

Pollsters YouGov found two-thirds of UK citizens want Boris Johnson’s government to reach a deal with the EU and avoid crashing out of the bloc under World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules.

That’s despite assurances from Johnson that the UK will prosper, whatever the outcomes.

The results are released on the same day that Johnson and European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen agreed to extend protracted talks between Brussels and London.

That decision comes just two weeks before the end of the transition period on December 31.

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The pair said they will “go the extra mile” but have not disclosed the new deadline for the end of discussions.

The poll, commissioned by trade deal campaign group Best for Britain, was released at 10pm last night.

It found Conservative voters also prefer a trade deal to No-Deal by a ratio of two to one.

The results are released one year after Johnson’s Tory government was elected to Westminster in a snap general election with the promise of an “oven-ready deal” that would “get Brexit done”.

Naomi Smith, chief executive officer of Best for Britain, commented: “This poll shows the Prime Minister has no mandate for a No-Deal Brexit.

“A year ago he won the election on a promise of delivering an ‘oven-ready’ trade agreement with the EU. He told voters the chance of No-Deal was ‘a million to one’.

“Failing to deliver on those promises just a year down the line, while the country is in the middle of the most painful economic recession in recent memory, would be a betrayal of all those voters who supported the Prime Minister at the last election and, in his own words, a failure of statesmanship.”

Best for Britain is chaired by crossbench life peer Lord Mark Malloch Brown, who served as foreign office minister under Gordon Brown’s premiership.

He was also deputy secretary-general and chief of staff of the UN under Kofi Annan.

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The group wants the UK Government to “focus on securing the trade deal promised in the Conservative Party manifesto” and has raised concerns about the impact of leaving the single market and the customs union “at a time of national economic recovery” when the one-year transition period ends.

More than 1700 people were questioned for the research on their preferred trade agreement position.

As many as 66% said they wanted a deal, with 15% seeking a No-Deal exit instead.

A trade deal majority was recorded for every part of the UK – excluding Northern Ireland, which was not included – every age bracket and every party political allegiance.

That’s based on supporting Labour, the LibDems and the Tories – no further breakdown of voting preference was included.

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