Boris Johnson’s claims about UK wind power capacity are yet more hot air

BORIS Johnson, in his infrequent appearances on TV, insists upon the description of the UK as a “world leader”, the latest being in wind power sufficient to satisfy UK demand in total by 2030.

Two points here are important, one being that no mention whatsoever is made regarding the energy industry’s own forecast of that requirement and how to satisfy it.

Secondly it will be remembered that some years ago, when a programme was suggested of a massive wind power development in Scotland, by Scotland, which required a calculated, demonstrated degree of subsidy from the UK – and which would have provided a substantial increase in output together with a commensurate number of jobs, in Scotland – this was without explanation denied by Westminster. We do in fact now export power to England.

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The truth is that this claim to world leadership belongs solely to Boris Johnson, personally. Second to none is his record as a compulsive, serial liar admitted even by his own party, while his dishonesty in advocating disregard for international and domestic agreements has been exposed for all time. It will be remembered that his advice to the Queen to prorogue parliament was declared a breach of the law, a matter which in earlier times would have cost him not consignment to a ditch, but his head. His intention to override the Scotland Act is further evidence of his duplicity.

No doubt in due course we in Scotland will be wooed by promises of limitless goodies if only we abandon our intention to look after ourselves. We must then remember the character of the person with whom we are dealing, and that only what he does – not what he says – can be relied upon. Scotland beware!

J HamiltonBearsden

OUR intrepid leader has announced that all UK homes will be powered by wind in 2030. Not according to past data they won’t. It is not uncommon for north-west Europe to be dominated by anticyclonic weather conditions. One such event was on June 15, when at one point 7,000 wind turbines spread across the UK’s lands and seas were generating the equivalent output of just 44 turbines.

They should put some turbines in the Commons, where the verbal bluster from the mouths of Boris and his colleagues will provide more reliable wind.

Geoff MooreAlness, Highland

SO Johnson says the rise in support for independence is not his fault. However, he may be helping it a little bit by demonstrating his incompetence each day.

But, the more we see Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp’s research results and read Scotland the Brief, the more we realise independence isn’t simply a dream.

Johnson’s continued “no” to a Section 30 order is, I would suggest, more about losing a milch-cow than love of our country. Was it one night before the midges drove him home this summer?

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MacIntyre-Kemp gives lots of interesting figures: we have 8.4% of the UK’s population but 32% of its landmass and 62% of its offshore maritime area. We’ve 90% of its hydropower: 70% of its fish landings and 90% of its fresh water.

Back in 1970 Paul and Anne Ehrlich’s book Population, Resources, Environment was published. Even then water resources were critical in many parts of the world. The US spent years on a project to distribute water from the Canadian rivers to water-poor areas across the States. I remember the talk then was of the potential for the next generation of wars to be about water supply.

MacIntyre-Kemp says that England’s Environment Agency reported that because of climate change and unsustainable population growth there isn’t enough water to supply both industry and homes in London and the south-east of England. England will run out of water in 25 years. They need to increase reservoir stocks, improve infrastructure, decrease leakage and business usage. We don’t have that problem, and it’s one reason they don’t want us to go.

For those more interested in “politics” than resources, consider the Greenland, Iceland and UK gap (GIUK). Tim Marshall in his Prisoners of Geography (2015) calls it a choke point in the world’s sea lanes. Traditionally it has given the UK an advantage in the North Atlantic. The alternative route for north European navies to access the Atlantic is through the narrow and well-defended English Channel. Any Russian naval ship coming from the Arctic has to pass through the GIUK on its way to the Atlantic.

Marshall says it is one of the many reasons why London “flew into a panic” in 2014 when a Yes vote seemed likely. Loss of power in the North Sea and North Atlantic would have been a strategic blow to the prestige of whatever was left of the UK. Gerry Hassan says this is one reason why whoever controls Scotland is of concern to the West and any US administration. This is another reason they don’t want us to go.

All we need for success are the brains to manage the birth of our new Scotland. And guess what? We’ve 4% more people with university, college and vocational qualifications than anywhere else in Europe.

Let’s get on with it!

Catriona GriggEmbo

CHANCELLOR Sunak has declared that there is a “sacred responsibility” to balance the books following increased borrowing during the pandemic. Austerity here we come, in other words.

Read The Deficit Myth by Stephanie Kelton and you’ll understand that his words are pompous nonsense. She explains that services are not funded by taxes. She illustrates convincingly that, for a currency-issuing state such as the UK, there is no requirement, sacred or otherwise, to balance the books. Mr Sunak knows full well that the UK need not even borrow, it can create money via the Treasury, eg quantitative easing.

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There is a limit on money creation. It’s not the possibility of bankruptcy but the capacity of the economy to provide services (education, health, social security) without triggering damaging levels of inflation.

Her book also has lessons for the choice of an independent Scotland’s currency, and it’s significant that Ms Kelton has recently become a member of the Scottish Currency Group, which includes Richard Murphy and Tim Ridout.

Austerity always has been a political choice. One which the Conservatives seem quite happy to impose once more. The list of reasons for an independent Scotland with its own currency continues to grow.

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