Anti-devolution candidate takes seat in the Welsh Parliament

THE UK’s anti-devolution movement has gained its first elected politician after an independent Brexiteer joined their party.

Gareth Bennett, a former Ukip leadership contender and a member of the Senedd, joined Wales’s Abolish the Assembly Party.

The party’s leader, Richard Suchorzewski, claimed his movement had backing in Scotland.

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He said: “We have had some interesting nods of approval from Scottish Unionists who have had their fill of the Scottish Parliament but find themselves unrepresented with no viable party to support.

“They have been encouraged by us to take a leaf out of our book and take on the nationalists who are driving a wedge in the Union that, if continued, will inevitably lead to a forced independence they do not want.”

Bennett said he had joined Abolish because his time in the assembly had shown him “the establishment is an overpriced, unnecessary tier of politicians”.

He went on: “Over 20 years of devolution has seen our public services fall behind the rest of the UK, and the people of Wales are now worse off than before we had devolution.”

Bennett’s former party, Ukip, has been largely unsuccessful in Scotland but earlier this year announced its 2021 electoral platform would focus on abolishing Holyrood. It made the decision based on a poll it had commissioned which showed 16% of Scottish voters agreed with the position.

Meanwhile, a recent Panelbase poll on Scottish independence puts Yes support on 54% – and other recent surveys have indicated Scots are keen to see Holyrood given further powers.

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